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The Legacy Continues...

Throughout American history, Black entrepreneurs have paved roads of innovation, resilience, and vision into the fabric of our world. This Black History Month, we invite you to join us as we embark on a journey that pays homage to the pioneers of the past that illuminated the pathways forged by present-day trailblazers.

Welcome to a journey through time, entrepreneurship, and the enduring legacy of Black excellence.

Come back each week to learn about more trailblazers and torch carriers.


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Organic Hair Care


Madam C.J. Walker

Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company


The company was a beauty and haircare business that gained significant success during the early 20th century. Walker was a pioneer in the beauty industry, creating haircare products for Black women with the Wonderful Hair Grower, a coconut-oil-and-sulfur formula to treat Black women's scalps and hair.

Mahisha Dellinger



Disenchanted with the lack of natural hair products with quality ingredients and dependability, Mahisha sought to create a new haircare brand that resonates with women like her.


Luxury hotel room


J.B. Stradford

the Stradford Hotel


J.B. Stradford's most notable business venture was the Stradford Hotel, a luxury hotel in the Greenwood District of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. The Stradford Hotel became a symbol of the prosperity and sophistication of Tulsa's African American community. The Hotel served as a community hub, hosting social events, business meetings, and providing accommodation for African American travelers during a time of segregation.

Sheila C. Johnson



Sheila C. Johnson launched the Salamander Resort and Spa in August 2013. The resort is located in Middleburg, Virginia, and has become known for its luxurious amenities, picturesque setting, and commitment to providing guests with a high-end hospitality experience.


Smiling African Young Woman Cafe Small Business Owner

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Furniture & Interior Design

Sarah Goode

Sarah E. Goode Patented Folding Cabinet Bed


Sarah Goode was a trailblazer who was born in to slavery. After the Civil War, she moved to Chicago, where she opened a furniture store. In 1885, Sarah received a patent for her invention of the folding cabinet bed, becoming one of the first African American women to be granted a patent. This was a space-saving piece of furniture that could be folded into a cabinet during the day and unfolded into a bed at night.

Kiyanna Stewart & Jannah Handy

BLK MKT Vintage


Brooklyn-natives Kiyanna Stewart & Jannah Handy founded BLK MKT Vintage in November 2014. The NY-based vintage concept shop, specializing in furniture, collectibles, cast-off's and curiosities, which represent the richness of Black history and lived experience.

Set Cosmetics Makeup


Annie Malone



Annie Malone was born to formerly enslaved parents. She would later become a pioneering Black entrepreneur who made significant contributions to the beauty and cosmetics industry through her brand (and college) Poro. Poro products included a range of haircare and beauty items. In the 1920s, the Poro brand gained popularity, increasing the value of her company and making her one of the wealthiest African American women.

Alicia Scott

Range Beauty


In her 20s, Alicia Scott developed acne and eczema but couldn't reach for any of the makeup options on the market. The only available lines lacked shade range and contained sensitive skin triggering ingredients. Amidst thoughtless formulas that inflamed her highly reactive skin, Alicia created Range as a solution that would not compromise the color, care, or condition of her skin or others.

Businesspeople Shaking Hands


Alonzo F. Herndon

Atlanta Life Insurance Company


Alonzo F. Herndon, a formerly enslaved man turned serial entrepreneur, founded Atlanta Life in 1905 after observing families lacking the savings to bury their lost loved ones. The company would become one of the most successful Black-owned insurance businesses in the nation. Herndon Herndon would also open three barbershops and invest in real estate, becoming one of the first African American millionaires.

D’Juan Hopewell


BLK Insurance easily connects consumers with Black agents, men and women who are supremely knowledgable and have extensive experience. The BLK Insurance network has pros in all lines of coverage and thanks to technology, they’re right at your fingertips. Let those who know you best take care of you: protect everything that matters with BLK Insurance.

George Grant

the golf tee INVENTION


This Boston-based inventor and dentist not only became Harvard’s first Black professor, but is also known for his invention of the wooden golf tee. Grant's innovative golf tee replaced the traditional method of building a small mound of sand on the golf course, providing a more convenient and consistent way for golfers to tee up their balls. His invention & patent revolutionized the game of golf and became an essential element still used worldwide on golf courses today.

Chris Word



Chris Word picked up his first golf club in middle school as a member of a Tiger Woods golf summer camp. That early experience would lead him to break down barriers in the golf industry. Greenwood GOLF was founded in 2021 to recognize the importance of community. Their products include signature signature golf balls and apparel.

John & Loula Williams

Dreamland Theatre


The Dreamland Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street opened its doors in 1914 and had a seating capacity of 750 people. The cinema was a hit and Loula's foresight paid dividends. The Dreamland Theatre quickly became a popular attraction in the town.

Emelyn Stuart

Stuart Cinema & Cafe

Emelyn Stuart has been executive producing film/tv projects for over decade. She opened Stuart Cinema & Cafe, becoming the first independent movie theater owned by a Black Latina in NY. The theater shows new movies, host private screenings and events, while serving empanadas, burgers, and snacks.

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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

-Marcus Garvey

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